The Benefits of Oven Cleaning in Wakefield

You don’t have to tell us that for many people, oven cleaning comes at the top of the pet hate list. We fully understand, as local oven cleaners, canopy cleaners and kitchen extraction cleaners, that cleaning an oven is a time-consuming and challenging job. This is why our Leeds-based company helps customers with practical domestic and commercial oven cleaning services in Wakefield and the surrounding West Yorkshire area.


There are many major advantages as to why you should use professional oven cleaners to take care of your current installation in Wakefield. Here, we run through the benefits of using our oven cleaning professionals and our canopy and kitchen extraction cleaners.


Detailed Oven Cleaning – Our personnel deep clean your oven. We don’t just take the trays and racks out to scrub the interior. In fact, our oven cleaners will literally take your cooker apart for a more detailed clean. Anything detachable is removed. By placing all removable parts in a special cleaning tank which stays on board the vehicle, we can spend more time dealing with the main part of your domestic or commercial oven cleaning project.


Every inch of the oven surface is scrubbed, as well as the hobs, canopy and extraction system. Our oven, canopy and kitchen extractor cleaners remove burnt-on oil, grime and dirt to eliminate the risk of fire at your Wakefield or West Yorkshire property. As soon as the trays, racks and other removable components are clean, we reassemble your oven.


Time-Saving – Saving time is a crucial factor for most Wakefield homeowners, commercial kitchens and restaurants. In the world of commercial oven cleaning, important staff hours are soon lost to scrubbing, scraping and wiping. Rather than use your own resources, use our oven and canopy cleaners to undertake the hard work and keep your staff productive.


We arrange an appointment time suitable to you, and our reliable commercial oven cleaning team arrives on time so your business is never affected. Commercial oven cleaning takes up to 4 or 5 hours. Our oven cleaners free up your time so it can be better used elsewhere.


Health and Safety – On larger ovens, our canopy cleaners and kitchen extraction cleaners are able to deal with oil and grease contamination to eliminate the possibility of fire at your Wakefield property or premises. Keeping canopies and extractors clean is crucial. The last thing a commercial kitchen needs is bacterial growth being circulated around by air.


This causes a serious Health and Safety issue and could draw the attention of environmental health officers. Commercial oven cleaning can be undertaken at your Wakefield premises as part of an ongoing service. Talk to us today to set up an oven maintenance contract.


Cost-Effective – One of the myths about professional oven cleaning companies is that they create an unnecessary cost. The truth is very much the opposite. When our oven cleaners finish a job at your Wakefield property or premises, your appliance will heat faster because temperatures are evenly distributed. This cuts overall energy use dramatically.


In turn, you’ll make savings on future gas or electric bills. Also, because you’ll be able to see through a clean window to check on food, there’s never the need to open the oven door and allow heat to escape. Oven cleaners, canopy cleaners and kitchen extraction cleaners can actually be an investment into your Wakefield home or business.


Our domestic and commercial oven cleaning services are available to homeowners, kitchen and restaurants in Wakefield. Call 07920 114165 to make a booking.


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