The Importance of Duct Cleaning in Leeds

At Back To Brite, an integral part of our services is providing maintenance for ovens in commercial kitchens in Leeds and across Yorkshire. Duct Cleaning and Canopy Cleaning are essential as the areas that can cause the most harm are not usually visible or accessible to kitchen staff. This is where a company like ours can eliminate any potential health and safety risks.


In the kitchen extract system there will be a build-up of oil and grease taken from the canopy into the duct. This in turn mixed with the flames from the oven hob and the extractor fan could cause fire with an excessive build - up of grime and grease. Also the bacteria that collects in the duct and canopy is being blown across the Leeds kitchen, so what better way to kill two birds with one stone?


By using duct cleaners on a regular basis, you will prevent any fire risk immediately to your Leeds kitchen. As other kitchens with less foresight have found out to their cost, lack of duct cleaning has meant a significant closure whilst repairs take place.  This is of course bad for business. Also a duct fire could invalidate any insurance you may have if you are unable to prove you have regular canopy or duct cleaning.


Also by not using duct and canopy cleaners, the oil and grease contained in the system can cause bacterial growth. This becomes a general health risk for both staff and customers. If a random health and safety check on your kitchens and ovens was to find contaminated ducts spreading airborne germs, it could well be an issue your Leeds business might not recover from. To avoid any potential fire or health hazards, call us today. Our duct cleaners will be only too happy to help


Canopy Cleaners in Leeds

Canopy cleaning is similar to duct cleaning in its aim to keep health and fire hazard away. Canopy cleaners will ensure that the air in your Leeds kitchen is pure and breathable and maintains that your workplace is a safe environment to work in. Some customers may consider canopy cleaning an unnecessary expense but our canopy cleaners can only stress the importance of regular canopy cleaning for commercial kitchens in the Leeds and Yorkshire area. It could save your kitchen from fire and possible closure.


Book an appointment with our canopy and duct cleaners for canopy and duct cleaning now by calling 07920 114165. We cover Leeds and the surrounding areas.


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